Greater Sense of What I Need

"After Attending the Emmaus Retreat, I returned with a greater sense of what I need to better myself for God, family, and friends.  I am far from a perfect soul, but the retreat gave me a deeper appreciation for the gifts God has brought me in my life. Clearly an eye opener! At the retreat, God delivered exactly what I needed and will give you that opportunity too.  A spiritually uplifting experience!  I know each experience will be different.  My uplifting feeling was priceless.  Treat yourself and attend the Emmaus Retreat. Words can not describe the peace you can have with God's grace."

David P

Spiritual Liberating Experience

"Attending the Emmaus Retreat was a spiritual liberating experience. Through prayer and sharing, it gave me the opportunity to let Jesus into my heart, so that I was reminded that we do not walk alone in our journey. That through prayer and reflection, our path is clearly before us. One in harmony with God, family, community and self.  Give  yourself the experience. Join us for the weekend of prayer and sharing. Let the power of the Holy Spirit work within your heart."

Juan M